• For shipments outside Belgium or the Netherlands we always provide a Track&Trace code and for countries who need a CN22/CN23 decleration document for customs we provide it...
  • Also for Norway we can set the prices lower on the CN23 form for a lower VAT ( = €36,- ) we also provide for smaller parts which fit a karton letterbox the costs are €13,95 incl. track trace

Here a walktrough your order that you placed;


1You will immediately receive an order conformation:

The mail that you receive from use has as subject; Order conformation xxxx, Ive you have chosen for banktransfer the information is provided.



2Proccesing of your order:

After payment we will process your order as soon as possible, Here you will receive again a mail from with as subject; Order xxxx payed.



3. Shipping your order:

Once your order is complete your order will be transferred to PostNL or Bpost, Here you will receive a mail from with as subject; Order xxxx shipped with the track&trace code ( *Note regular post which fit's the mail box comes not with a trackcode*)

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