Welcome to our store which is dedicated to the Honda Camino, we only sell parts .., which we order at Honda Europe, Honda Japan and our global network,  Because we want to keep the Honda Camino alive we also look which parts we can reproduce and give them a second life so we can offer them to you.

If you have any questions regarding parts that are not shown on the site please do not hesitate to contact us, Also don't hesitate to check also our Honda MTX store.

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Due to international regulations, determined by the Universal Postal Union, we must make a strict distinction between sending documents and goods. All your goods shipments must now be provided with a shipping label with a barcode. In addition, countries require that we share the information about these shipments digitally and in advance with them. This means that from now on all goods shipments must be stamped as a package without a track & trace. Even if it is in an envelope. That way a shipping label including barcode always comes up.

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